Why This Film?

e-waste-1We are making this film as a wake up call.

When you investigate on the electronic waste issue in depth, perhaps the most alarming truth is this; while increasing numbers of people are dying from direct exposure to toxic e-waste, and permanent heavy metals seep further into the global water stream, almost no action is being taken to stop it. Why? Because nobody owns this problem.

This is because of a lack of awareness at every level, from the high street, to the corridors of the White House.

You can look at the glory of the information age and the power of the connectedness it has brought to society, yet here, lying right beneath it, lies it’s silent shadow. If left unchecked, this is going to accelerate into one of the most ingrained environmental problems of the future - quite literally poisoning us from the inside.

 This is why we have to make this film now.

There are simple steps that can be taken, but they won’t make an impact without public awareness.


Within this film, there is a deeper reminder. Our existing relationship with disposable consumerism is going to have to come to an end sooner or later. If we can get policies in place for effective life-cycle processing of electronic products, it could be the beginning of something much, much larger.