Best Carpet Cover For Moving in 2022 [*Top Picks*]

Looking for the best carpet cover for moving on the market? We’ve got you covered. Check out our ratings of absolute bestsellers below and make a final decision.

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  • Rug Storage Bag and Zip Tie - NO Vent Holes - Giant Size Fits Rugs up to 9' x 12' - Protects Rolled Rugs for Moving or Storage
    Bestseller #1
    Rug Storage Bag and Zip Tie - NO Vent Holes - Giant Size Fits Rugs up to 9' x 12' - Protects Rolled Rugs for Moving or Storage (31)
      Rug storage bag perfect for moving, packing, and storing rugs or carpets No ventilation holes keep rugs dry and allows the bag to provide complete protection against insects, water, dirt, dust, soil, spills, and stains Bags are made of durable, lightweight 3.0 mil clear plastic (polyethylene) Package includes 1 reusable rug storage bag and 1 reclosable plastic tie for secure closure Giant sized rug bag can fit rugs up to 9’ x 12’; bag dimensions are 26” x 130”
  • BISupply Plastic Carpet Protector Film, 24in x 200ft – Carpet Cover Plastic Floor Protector, Plastic Carpet Protector
    Bestseller #1
    BISupply Plastic Carpet Protector Film, 24in x 200ft – Carpet Cover Plastic Floor Protector, Plastic Carpet Protector (15056)
      [Protect Your Furniture]: BISupply Large Carpet Adhesive Floor Covering will protect and preserve furniture, floors, and equipment indoors or outdoors while painting, staining, remodeling, and more; Waterproof to keep stray paint and debris away from your project for easy cleanup [Clean Car Maintenance]: Roll out the clear carpet protector floor cover on your car carpet to avoid oil spills during vehicle maintenance and service; Place covering on car floor before hiking or trips to the sandy beach; Prevent the build-up of mud, gravel, and dirt in your vehicle [Keep Out Drafts]: Use this durable floor protection plastic film as a protective layer to fully cover broken windows or keep out cold drafts [Perfect Size]: 24 inches wide x 200 feet long (61cm x 61m) ample protection for home improvement projects and to fully cover your furniture, wall, flooring, and more; Approximate 2 mil typical thickness makes this plastic carpet protector roll have high transparency while retaining ultimate durability Not recommended for plush, thick, or natural carpets; Best use on short carpet and natural flooring [Easy to Use]: Roll out on top of carpet with the sticky side down and smooth side up to temporary protection; When finished using, easily peel up without leaving residue on your carpet; Not intended for permanent placement
  • HX-Film 39
    Bestseller #1
    HX-Film 39" x 100' Floor Protection for Moving Plastic Covering Sheeting Paint Surface Protector Film Cover Runner Heavy Duty Hardwood Floors Protectors Reuse Longtime (325 sqft.) (37)
      [THREE LAYERS & ANTI-SLIP]: OPP + woven carpet + compressed fiber. Prevent all kinds of liquid leakage effectively. Without impurities and mute while preventing the slide of protective film to prevent all kinds of safety accidents. [WATER-PROOF & LONGTIME]: Unlike cardboard, our products all use the hydrophobic materials without being rot under the water for a long time and completely eradicate water damage from the source. So you don't need to worry about the water leakage and can use it for a long time. [WEAR RESISTANT & REUSABLE]: Provide three times the wear-resistant reliability and 100% protection of all types of floors in the process of painting and revamping during construction. The surface can bear heavy loads. Easy to use and remove without residue, to be laid down in a new location. [PERFECT SIZE & TEAR-PROOF]: Go through most doors and cover most stairs without curling or cutting to fit. Flexible and easy applied on any and uneven surfaces such as stairs or counters. The advanced laminating technology and highly ductile material effectively prevent tearing. [BREATHABLE & ECO-FRIENDLY]: Using compressed fiber cotton on the back of the cover to make the floor breathe, solidify the floor and evaporate moisture which makes you save worry. Breathe freely and provide a certain mute effect in the meanwhile and it has a certain effect on buffering. Environmental-friendly compressed fiber cotton without any adhesive on the back of the cover to prevent the damage to the floor again.
  • U-Haul Jumbo Rug Storage Bag (Fits Rugs up to 9' x 12') - Protection for Jumbo Rolled Rug - 26
    Bestseller #1
    U-Haul Jumbo Rug Storage Bag (Fits Rugs up to 9' x 12') - Protection for Jumbo Rolled Rug - 26" x 130" (1)
      U-Haul’s Jumbo Rug Storage Bag is perfect for storing and protecting rugs up to 9’ x 12’ from soil, insects, dust, dirt, and water during your move Built-in ventilation holes allow for air circulation Includes heavy-duty, reclosable plastic tie Fits rugs up to 9’ x 12’ Bag Dimensions: 26” x 130”, 4.5 mil
  • Carpet Protection Film 24
    Bestseller #1
    Carpet Protection Film 24" x 200' roll. Made in The USA! Easy Unwind, Clean Removal, Strong and Durable Carpet Protector. Clear, Self-Adhesive Surface Protective Film. (283)
      ULTIMATE PROTECTION: This temporary carpet protector film can shield your carpet against dirt, dust, foot traffic, paint spills, construction debris, and a wide variety of other messes! This 24 inch x 200 foot roll of film will cover a large amount of surface area, up to 400 square feet of floor! Whether you use it for construction, renovation, maintenance, or something else, this carpet plastic protector film will provide ease of mind, knowing that your floors will go undamaged. CLEAN REMOVAL: While the adhesive on this sticky carpet protector will keep everything securely in place, it can be removed cleanly and easily up to 45 days after protecting your carpet. This means that not only you do not have to worry about the film moving or coming up before you want it to, you also do not have to worry about the adhesive leaving annoying, sticky marks behind. This 24 inch carpet mask can maintain the quality of your carpet for a long period of time. AMERICAN-MADE: With 100% American-made materials, this temporary carpet plastic protection film is made in the U.S.A. for guaranteed quality. While many brands will source their production and materials from other countries to save a quick buck, we are dedicated to going the extra mile to provide 200 feet of quality carpet protector film. Not only does this help stimulate the American economy, it is also much more ecofriendly than shipping materials and products in from other countries. DURABLE, HEAVY-DUTY FILM: Surface protection products need to be strong enough to withstand the rough daily use that they will likely receive on a construction site. This adhesive carpet protector film is highly resistant to tearing and puncturing due to its extremely durable, high quality make-up. Even if you do not need the same level of durability as a construction site would, you can trust the strength of this carpet protection film for whatever project or event you may be working on. EASY INSTALLATION: Professionals and novices alike can put this carpet protection film to work due to its ease of use and simple instructions. The reverse-wound roll makes it simple and easy to install the product to shield your carpet, and the removable adhesive is extremely user friendly. This means that even if you have never used a roll of carpet protection tape before, you can quickly figure out how to put it to use to quickly and easily protect your floor from stains, dirt, and spills.
  • KORUSER Temporary Floor Protection 36’’ x 100’ - Anti Slip, Easily Applied Save Your Time - 100% Paint Proof – Reusable Material,Coverage of 300 sqft!
    Bestseller #1
    KORUSER Temporary Floor Protection 36’’ x 100’ - Anti Slip, Easily Applied Save Your Time - 100% Paint Proof – Reusable Material,Coverage of 300 sqft! (21)
      βœ“ SAFE USE & ANTI-SLIP : Koruser is a product which can be easily spread overall ground surfaces such as wood or marbel and it enables secure working environment through its sure-footed feature.Prevents all kinds of accidents ! βœ“ EASILY APPLIED : All surfaces such as stairs, corners, frames, baseboards and other surfaces which are difficult to apply. No tape required ! βœ“ PAINT PROOF : As there is a lm covering on the top of the Koruser product, it is paint and liquid proof. It keeps the paint and the liquid on the surface. It is easily cleaned and you can reuse it.In addition , protects the floor from any damage ! βœ“ PREVENTS MOΔ°STURE , BREATHABLE: Due to its breathable structure Koruser vaporizes the remaining moisture on the ground and eliminates it. βœ“ SAVE YOUR MONEY : After Koruser is used its surface is cleaned, it is folded and stored for reuse.In addition you will not spend money for tapes and no labor required.
  • ZIP-UP Products Carpet Protection Film - 24
    Bestseller #1
    ZIP-UP Products Carpet Protection Film - 24" x 50' Floor and Surface Shield with Self Adhesive Backing & Easy Installation - CPF2450 (386)
      MAXIMUM PROTECTION FOR CARPETS – The best carpet protection for any commercial or residential job type: Painting, remodeling, moving, model homes, and general construction. Protect carpet from pets, use in RV/ motorhome, boat or wherever carpet coverage is needed PREMIUM QUALITY CARPET FILM – Made from high strength 3 MIL puncture resistant poly for long-term durability that will last throughout your job SELF-ADHESIVE APPLICATION – Carpet protection film is rolled with adhesive side out to allow for easy application to carpet with or with or without an applicator COMMERCIAL OR RESIDENTIAL APPLICATIONS – No job is too big or too small for Zip-Up’s professional grade carpet protection film IDEAL FOR USE WITH CARPET FILM ROLLER - Perfect for use with or without ZIP-UP's carpet protection film applicator
  • Kenley Carpet Protector Self Adhesive Plastic Protection Film 36
    Bestseller #1
    Kenley Carpet Protector Self Adhesive Plastic Protection Film 36" X 200' for Stairs Rug Carpet Floor Runner - Heavy Duty Puncture & Water Resistant - Reverse Wind Roll (601)
      Quick and easy to install temporary protection film for carpets Saves expensive clean-up costs or carpet replacement Lightweight and waterproof against spills and paint Can be kept in place for up to 45 days. Easily removed without leaving any residue on the carpet
  • PS Athletic Shoe Covers for Dancing (1 pair, 2 Socks), Socks Over Shoes, Overshoes for Sneakers, Smooth Pivots & Turns
    Bestseller #1
    PS Athletic Shoe Covers for Dancing (1 pair, 2 Socks), Socks Over Shoes, Overshoes for Sneakers, Smooth Pivots & Turns (22)
      SMOOTH TWISTS AND TURNS! - Whether you have carpet or hard floors, our socks are going to smooth out your twists and turns at home or in the gym. Pivot like a pro. Practice your turns. All from the comfort of your own space! BETTER FOR KNEES AND HIPS - The nylon/poly blend of these socks for dancing make them slippery, so you are able to twist and turn more easily on both carpeted and hard floor, without causing strain to your ankles, knees and hips. SIZING - Our socks are designed to stretch and return to their natural shape. Will fit easily over WOMEN’S SIZE 5 to 10 & MEN’S SIZE 3 to 8. Black in design so they are not distracting, and often blend into your existing shoe! Designed for use with any style of dance including: BALLROOM DANCE, SALSA, SWING, SAMBA, HIP HOP, MODERN, LINE, ZUMBA, LATIN, BREAKDANCING, TWIST, FITNESS and AEROBICS EASY TO USE and PORTABLE! Our Shoe Covers are so easy to use, you can take them anywhere. Pack in your bag or purse, or even throw in your pocket so you are prepared to dance anywhere, anytime. Looking for HIp Hop Shoes for Men? Try our Shoe Covers! These fit overshoes for your exercise, dancing, fitness, ryka and sports.
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